Four Footwear Rules

Are you one of those who are never sure about shoe shopping? Relax! Just go through these four easy rules and make the right choice.

1st – Wear the right shoe for the occasion

This is the most common mistake I see men make when it comes to footwear.  Running shoes have a purpose; they protect your feet while running. And wearing these shoes outside their prescribed function is fine as long as they are still appropriate; however, many of us take this to an extreme and have abandoned the middle ground between formal and ultra-casual.

2nd – Invest in quality

Not every man can afford to spend thousands of rupees on his shoes; however, many of those who can instead choose to waste money elsewhere and buy new inferior shoes every few years.  This is never a winning strategy, as low quality footwear is held together with glue and made with cheap raw materials such as cardboard and paper that does not age well. You can save money in the long term by buying more expensive shoes that last for decades.

3rd – Never sacrifice proper fit and comfort

Buy the right shoe size, even if this means paying a bit more and purchasing your shoes at a brick and mortar shop.

Another fit issue is paying attention to shoe width.  Men with extremely wide or narrow feet learn about this from an early age, but many men who would be better served by just a slightly wider or narrow shoe never discover their perfect size because the normal sizes do an OK job.

4th – Take care of your shoes

Rotate through a few pairs to allow them to dry between wearing and ALWAYS use wood shoe trees that will quickly soak up perspiration.  This is especially important for leather shoes, as the interior of a dress shoe has often not gone through the harsh chemical treatment of the upper and is more susceptible to rot.

Mr Abdullah Idrees