Stop thinking and start taking care of your shoes

Not exclusively are shoes regularly the priciest bits of clobber that we wear once a day, but at the same time they’re the things that we treat with the minimum regard, care and consideration.

How do we get off this money-chomping merry-go-round, once and for all? Simple: by looking after our shoes properly. That’s where Culzado come in, to deliver some top tips to keeping your shoe fit.

1 | Invest in some kit

You’ve got to be a little kinder to your shoes if you want them back to their best. Get yourself a shoe cleaning kit, as it makes a dirty job way easier. It will clean any leather shoes.

2 | But don’t bankrupt yourself

Don’t go spending the money around low quality shoe, otherwise you won’t be able to afford shoes in the first place. If your shoes are only suffering a bit of surface dirt and need a quick clean, baby wipes are great for getting grime off fast.

4 | Never surrender to the weather

There’s nothing you can do to fully protect your shoes from an unexpected rainstorm, but the standard of you aftercare is entirely down to you.

As soon as you get in-doors, pad the shoes dry and stuff the shoe with newspaper to soak up the moisture, before storing in a cool area.

5 | Maintain some integrity

As a result of late night supermarket dinner dashes, every shoe you own will inevitably transform into a slipper. Shoehorns will help keep any shoes fresh for longer by preserving the shape and structure of the heel.

6 | Follow the color code

Colored leather is a shoe rack staple, but it can be a little trickier to take care of than with more classic shades. If you own unusually colored leather shoes and can’t find the exact color polish, go for a clear one.

7 | Don’t leave it too late

Looking after your shoes should start when they’re still box fresh. If you make it a point to clean and care for them from day one, they’ll look great and last for much longer.

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